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Melhor Viagem


MELHOR VIAGEM, the first Age 50+ Travel & Tourism Magazine In Brazil, is published Bi-monthly and available by subscription & newsstands throughout Brazil. Major Distribution in Sao Paulo/Rio and major Brazilian capitals.

Brazil has more than 21 million people aged 60+, exceeding the elderly population of several European countries, like France, England and Italy. And 9.4 million people aged 70+ in the country. Equivalent to 4.9% of the total population. They do not fall into stereotypes grandfathers to practice extreme sports nor abandoned elderly in nursing homes. Brazilian elderly are a very heterogeneous group of 15 million consumers who are expected to reach 30 million people by 2020, most women with an income totaled $ 3.5 billion monthly, twice the national average, with much more power to influence consumer habits in families.


Print Distribution: 20,000

Readership: 60,000

Published: BiMonthly

Distribution Area: BRAZIL