Avenue Luxury Magazine – USA

Avenue Magazine is circulated in NYC, The Hamptons, Miami & Palm Beach to the Wealthiest Audience in North America for over 40 years

Founded in 1976, AVENUE is a must-read among the city’s most discerning, stylish and savvy audiences. As Manhattan’s oldest society magazine, and one of the first in the United States, the publication has exclusive access to Manhattan’s elite in a way that is distinct from other magazines. By celebrating the blend of affluence and influence, AVENUE offers a unique, behind-the-scenes perspective on the people and lifestyles in the wealthiest zip codes in the wealthiest country in the world.

AVENUE salutes the world we live in: a meritocracy where the point of entry is open to anyone who has met with success. We relish New York’s fabulous style and glamour, and we are in awe of the accomplishments and intelligence of the city’s most inspiring residents. This passion is reflected with elegance in AVENUE’s pages every month. Now in its fourth decade, the magazine continues to prosper, and the result is an upbeat, positive friend’s take on a society we love to cover.
*|Readership Demographics




• 36K Circ. 50K (May/Jun, July, Aug) 44K (Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov/Dec)
110,000 Total Audience
• 3.3M Average HHI
• 35% Male / 65% Female
9 issues a year AVENUE entertains and celebrates New York’s Elite.

• 20+ Events
Truly exclusive events targeting our elite audience and industry insiders.

• 50,000+ Newsletter Subscribers
• 500M + Email Database Access
• 500K+ Average HHI
The go-to source for the latest on all the on goings of New York’s Elite.

• Over 10K Followers
A small but powerful social following made up of some of the most affluent and influential New Yorkers.


• Average Household Income: $3,300,000
• Avg. Value of Total Net Worth: $19,800,000
• Avg. Value of Investment Portfolio: $13,800,000
• Avg. Value of ’05 Charitable Donations: $133,600

• Male/Female (%): 35/65
• Age: 25-49: 49%

• Read 3 to 4 of the last 4 issues: 92.5%

• Graduated college or more: 93%
• Postgraduate study: 57%

Average current market value:
• All real estate

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holdings: $9,300,000
• Avg. value of primary residence: $6,800,000
• Homeowners with a net worth over $5 million: 96%
• Own additional real estate: 76%
• Own summer/vacation property: 54%
• Multiple homeowners with real estate in Florida: 29%

• Made foreign trips: 90%
• Avg. number of foreign trips: 6
• Europe: 88%
• Travelers with net worth over $5 million: 87%
• Bermuda/Caribbean: 69%
• Canada: 25%
• Travelers with net worth over $5million: 28%
• Have been a passenger on a private aircraft: 58%

• Watches/fine jewelry/precious stones: $155,800
• Watches: $31,600
• Fine jewelry: $124,200

• Shop on Madison Avenue: 97%
• Shoppers with net worth over $5 million: 97%
• Shop on Fifth Avenue: 92%
• Shoppers with net worth over $5 million: 95%

• Redecorate: 57%
• Redecorators with net worth over $5 million: 55%
• Artwork and Collectibles: $225,800
• Purchasers with net worth over $5 million: 91%
• Antiques and Furniture/Furnishings: $108,700
• Purchasers with net worth over $5 million: 61%
• Original Paintings/Drawings: $176,300

• Purchasers with a net worth over $5million: 75%
• Shoes: $21,600
• Sportswear: $23,400
• Designer/Couturier $78,500

• Purchasers with a net worth over $5million: 84%